The Secret To Getting Client
Reviews On Tap Revealed!

You know the score, you ask a client to give you a
review on Google. They say “Yeah! Absolutely!”

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Review Request

The Secret To Getting Client Reviews On Tap Revealed!

You know the score, you ask a client to give you a review on Google. They say “Yeah! Absolutely!”

Review Request

But do they do it? Nope.

Again and again you ask but they never come.

You know these are great for business. You even use reviews yourself when searching for a the place that sells the best coffee, somewhere to trust to cut your hair or a solicitor that you’re going to ask to sell your house!

This means you know you’re losing potential customers as they walk on by to the place down the road with 100s of 5 star reviews.

The Business With More Reviews Wins
Poor Review

And don’t get me started on those bad reviews!
That sinking feeling when you see
that 1 star drop in your inbox.

You see the problem is, to get your clients to shout about your stuff online, you’ve got to make the process as easy, quick and pain free as possible.

No tech hoops to jump through.

Wouldn’t it be so much easier if all of
this was simply happening for you,
on auto-pilot

Reviews On Auto-Pilot

Our review management system does just that.

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It streamlines the whole process.

Simply a link to send out via email, SMS, WhatsApp or even a QR code on the door on the way out, it couldn’t be easier!

Review Collection Channels
See All Reviews

See all your reviews from places such as
Facebook, Google or Trip Advisor etc.
all in one place.

Reply To Reviews

Reply there and then and share their
comments straight to your social
channels for ready made, done for you

Private Feedback

Get ahead of unhappy customers and
deal with them offline as all reviews less
than 4 stars get funnelled into private feedback.

Bulk Reviews

What’s more, bulk send to all your
contacts too. Imagine seeing 10, 20 50 or
100+ customers raving about your service right from the get go!

Enjoy all these features and much more with Generate Reviews.

It’s an easy to use, simple and affordable review management
platform that does exactly what is says on the tin.

So why would I want to increase
my review count?

  1. Your customers see online reviews as as important as word of mouth.
  2. The Google Search algorithm prioritises business with lots of reviews.
  3. Increased customer loyalty will make your clients come back again and again.
  4. Quickly build trust as potential customers will know you are reliable, trustworthy, and offer a quality product or service.
Review Cup
Create Customer Loyalty

Our platform right now is just £18 per month.

Think about that….how much new custom would you need to get to cover that?
I suspect very little the potential is massive!

But don’t hang around!
This special beta price can’t last forever.
Once the beta testing phase has been completed, the price will go up. But as an early adopter, we promise to keep your subscription at the low price of £18.


You are not tied in either. But, we are confident once you’re
using this, you won’t want to leave.

Every minute that people are searching for you but passing you by because they don’t trust your online reputation, is money lost.

Money Back Guarantee

So what are you waiting for?

But a word of warning, if you don’t want to increase your online reviews and get more clients from Google or Facebook, if you have no interest in engaging positively with your customers online, this isn’t for you.

Remember that low monthly investment of £18 won’t last for ever and
will disappear once the beta testing phase is complete.

You really have got nothing to lose.